DAY 1 - MAY 24th

09:00 - 09:50h - Opening presentation

Pedro Baganha | City Councillor for Urbanism, Public Space and Heritage, Municipality of Porto 

The "Nature Based Solutions" in the municipal environment strategy of the city of Porto 
Pedro Pombeiro | Environment Department Director, Municipality of Porto 

Isabel Martins | Urban Planning Department Director, Municipality of Porto

Paulo Palha 

09:50h - 11:00h | SESSION 1 - Cities demanding for green

Plant biodiversity on Green Roofs
Manfred Kholer | President of World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), University of Neubrandenburg

Glades in the Sky - Green Roofs in London and beyond
Dusty Gedge  | President of the EFB - European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, Director of and the Green Infrastructure Consultancy

The Fifth Facade Project
Paulo Palha | President of Portuguese Association for Green Roofs (ANCV)

11:00h - 11:30h - COFFEE BREAK

11:00h - 12:00h - SESSION 2 | Contributions of GI on ecology, economy and food

NBS Projects for multinationals
Peter Dezsenyi   | Deep Forest Landscape, Hungary

Economic Evaluation of Green Roofs installation at a city scale: the case study of Lisbon
Cristina Matos Silva and Inês Teotónio | Instituto Superior Técnico

How edible is a roof?
Kelai Diebel  | Makers of Sustainable Spaces

11:30h - 12:00 h - SESSION 3 | GI Policies incentive strategies

London: A natural capital? The evolution of Green Infrastructure Policy
Peter Massini  | Green infrastructure Leader, Greater London Authority

Green Roof Policy and Guidelines in the Czech Republic
Pavel Dostal | Czech Green Roof Association

Green roofs through the ages 
Edmund Maurer | Linz City Council

13:30H - 14:30H - LUNCH

14:30 h - 15:45 h - SESSION 4 | Nature Based Solutions for Resilient Cities

Green Roofs and Walls in the Sponge City
Gary Grant | Green Infrastructure Consultancy

Vertical Green Infrastructure: Green Wall Projects and their Benefits 
Vera Enzi | Innovationlab GrünStattGrau GmbH, Association for Green Roofs and Living Walls Austria- VfB

Thermal performance of green roofs and living walls
Bernard Scharf  | BOKU University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna

European green roof norms and guidelines through the lens of biodiversity
Chiara Catalano  | ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management

15:45h - 16:00h - COFFEE BREAK

16:00H - 17:00H - SESSION 5 | Vegetation and Construction

The project of Praça de Lisboa
Pedro Balonas 

Resiliant urban landscapes - Green infrastructure contributions
Laura Costa | Laura Roldão Costa Arquitetura Paisagista

An overview of italian green roofs experience, in different aplications, all along the territory, from north to south
Maurizio Crasso | Harpo spa di Trieste

Public perception of street trees and its implication on Porto´s green infrastructure design

Isabel Martinho da Silva and Cláudia Fernandes  | Faculty of Science, University of Porto

17:10h - Closing ceremony

DAY 2 - MAY 25th - TOUR

9:00h - 13:00h

Meeting point: Lisbon Square Green Roof

Porto City Park 

---- Return to Lisbon Square ----





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