Paulo Palha

Graduated in Agronomic Engineering by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), Paulo Palha has been working in landscape architecture, construction and maintenance of gardens, green roofs and green infrastructures since 1999. Currently he is the General Manager of Neoturf ( and he was the founder of Landlab ( He has developed more than 300 garden projects and more than 100 green roofs, coordinating the works / installation of the vast majority of them.

He was the founder of the Portuguese Association for Green Roofs ANCV (, currently being the President of the same. In this context, it is worth pointing the coordination of the working group for the first Portuguese technical guide for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs, and more recently the authorship and coordination of the Fifth Façade Project in Porto ( pqap), a project that intends to define how to introduce green roofs in the environmental and urban strategy of the city of Porto. This project was internationally honoured and awarded at the conference "Green Infrastructure: Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable and Resilient Cities" (2017) held in Orvieto, Italy. He was a member of the IGRA International green roof association ( participating in the activities of EFB ( and of the world green infrastructure network WGIN (

He has developed research in the field of green roofs, nature based solutions, green infrastructures and ecosystem services, some of which have been published.

He is frequently invited to take courses, classes at universities, conferences and juries, nationally and internationally. Throughout his career he won several national and international awards.

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