Maurizio Crasso

Geologist and director of the construction division of Harpo spa in Trieste

In 2003 he created a new division in the company dedicated to hanging gardens, today Harpo Verdepensile, recognized as the Italian market leader for professional hanging gardens.

He is a member of the Aivep National Board of Directors - Italian Green Roofing Association - for which he is an Italian delegate to the EFB European Green Roofing Federation.

Co-author of several publications and research on green roofs, he was responsible for the group of research consisting of Harpo, the University of Genoa Dicat department and the University of Trieste, faculty of life sciences for the project "Definition of behavior patterns of green roofs for the building envelope and the environment" co-funded by Harpo and from the European Community.

Active participation in the drafting of specific green roof standards, including the UNI 11235 standard both in the original version of 2007 and for the updated and extended version of 2015.

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